Who is the dog on the first (stats) page after login?

This is the tip dog (a dog lurking from the right of your screen). It is there to help you. By pointing your mouse over a red or a yellow box (indicating that this area requires care), you get the tip dog to tell you how to deal with that problem. Not all boxes have this feature (money and last visit do not) because some are self-explanatory. Also, if you point your mouse over the hapiness bar and it's low, you'll get the tip dog to tell you how to make your pet happier. The tip dog also tells you of two special events (birthday and your pet being sick). It keeps repeating this information every time you enter the stats page. The dates shown that apply to the pet show the last time you did a certain action with your pet. You exit the stats page by clicking on the blinking Enter sign. Now the main alley is visible and all parts of the system are accessible.

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