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Posted by black moon on 2014-10-26
I love you.
Posted by hammy on 2010-08-09
What do you think of me?
Posted by Cheesecake on 2010-04-04
You're beautiful.
Posted by fuby on 2010-02-07
Dogs rule, cats drool.
Posted by fuby on 2009-12-11
Every dog has his day.
Posted by doofus on 2009-11-11
Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yah!
Posted by daisey on 2009-10-03
I love you.
Posted by Max on 2009-10-02
That's my dog!
Posted by Diamond on 2009-07-30
Sleep. Eat. Play. That's my life, everyday!
Posted by Melissa on 2009-07-29
My tail won't stop wagging.
Posted by CHEEKO on 2009-06-09
I think i love you.
Posted by tazza on 2009-05-02
A piece of grass a day keeps the vet away.
Posted by nibbles on 2009-03-29
All play no work.

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