We are very sorry, but after almost 20 years online, AdoptMe.com is shutting down. Please go to our new site instead at BoredHumans.com which has more than 40 fun and silly artificial intelligence (AI) pages you can use for free online. There are several reasons we could no longer keep AdoptMe.com running, but the main one was the programming was so old that it stopped working recently when we updated the server. Another problem was that the site was programmed in Flash, which was popular in the early 2000s but can't easily be used on mobile devices. And, more recently, we have started receiving angry emails from users of an "AdoptMe" game in Roblox, which is in no way related to our site/company. Numerous people are getting scammed (and maybe hacked?) there and think we are responsible because they mistakenly think we own that game. The sheer volume of these complaints puts us at risk of getting sued or other legal troubles, where we would have to hire a lawyer just to prove we had nothing to do with it.